BALLY'S LAS VEGAS HOTEL & CASINO $29 ($̶9̶6̶) - Updated ...

From Bally's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas NV!

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40th anniversary of deadly MGM Grand fire.

On November 21, 1980 - the original MGM Grand (now Bally's) hotel casino was the scene of a terrible fire calamity that killed 85 people. The early morning fire was caused by an electrical ground fault inside a wall-mounted electrical receptacle for a cake display case in a ground floor deli.
The fire could have been brought under control by sprinklers if the hotel had installed them as had been recommended during construction. But they did not due to the additional $192,000 cost and the rationale that the casino floor would be occupied around the clock and any fire would be quickly observed and dealt with by security using fire extinguishers and hoses. Other short sighted design decisions, such as having locking doors on emergency stairwells, faulty smoke dampers in the air conditioning system and gaps in the elevator shafts allowed deadly smoke to rise through the hotel tower and kill scores of guests in their rooms, hallways and stairwells.
It was a grim tragedy for Las Vegas. Other casinos and citizens acted generously to offer whatever help and aid to hotel guests who survived the calamity. The lessons learned from this disaster prompted Nevada legislators to enact what are considered the most stringent fire code regulations for hotels in the country.
Wikipedia article:
Feature article in Review-Journal today:
National Fire Protection Association investigative report on MGM Grand Fire:
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Theft at Bally’s casino hotel room

Recently my family of 8 ( 4 adults. 3young adults and 1 teenager)stayed at Bally’s in Las Vegas. The theft happened in both rooms our party stayed in, while we were in bed sleeping. The hotel did nothing and we did all the leg work of reporting to metro. Metro and casino said they couldn’t do anything. Other than corporate and bbb anyone has suggestions on what we can do. Please help.
A wallet was stolen with ID and now cancelled cc’s 200 cash from on top of dresser and a whole suitcase.
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A Vegas Miracle - how I won $129,000 in my 3rd tournament ever

This is how I won $129,000 in my 3rd ever poker tournament. Note: don't try this, it probably won't turn out well for you.
I spent about 6 months grinding up a $5,000 bankroll playing home/casino games ranging from .5/1 to 1/3. The week that I hit that $5,000 mark, Matt, one of my best friends from college informed me that his job had placed him in Las Vegas for the next month and that I could crash with him for a few nights if I wanted to come on out west. I had frequent flyer miles for the flight and some Mlife/Fremont hotel comps for the rest of the trip. My grand total for flight and lodging for 10 days came to $200.
Now, I’m not going to bore you guys with low-level cash hand histories. The next 10 days were filled with me playing lowstakes poker for 10-12 hours a day. It’s as fun as it sounds – it’s not. I was having a good time in Vegas otherwise – but towards the end of the trip I had a realization: 1/2’s the same everywhere. I didn’t have to fly out to the desert to raise to $7 preflop.
After 10 days, my grand total from poker (and a fair amount of dumb degenerate shit on Fremont) was -$186. That wasn’t what I came out to do — I knew that I was a better player than my recent results had indicated. The morning of my return flight, I decided I was going to play tournaments until I either busted my $5,000 bankroll or hit something worthwhile.
I impulsively decided to not get on my plane at 11:30am. Checkout time from Luxor was at 11:00 – and I didn’t know where I was going yet. I had 30 minutes to pack up my stuff and figure out where I was going before they’d charge me a fee. I sorted TripAdvisor by cheapest first – I’ve stayed in crappy hostels/motels before and overall am a very low maintenance person. I figured that by staying somewhere for $20 a night, I’d be able to maximize the amount of shots I could take before flying back home. I accepted that there was a real chance I’d go back broke – but I didn’t really care. If I didn’t take my shot now, then when?
I booked the cheapest bed in Vegas - a 6-person shared hostel just past the Stratosphere. Let's just say you get what you pay for — it was not a happy place. A fair amount of the people in there were bordering on homelessness and there was barbed wire surrounding their outdoor gym. In addition to this, I had the constant stress of knowing that all that separated my bankroll from the rest of my roommates was a tiny lock. I took the Deuce to the strip, lived off food comps, and turned down invites from my friends to hang out. I was in town to play poker, nothing else.
Disclaimer: I had never played tournaments prior to heading out to Vegas. My only knowledge of hand ranges was from watching televised events. I downloaded a free Nash chart app on my phone while on the Deuce to the strip and studied it for 5 minutes – whatever, I get the jist of it. Let’s play some cards.
The first day of doing this I played the $140 daily at the Aria. Top 13 spots paid -- I finished in 15th. It was depressing to say the least — I felt as if I was at rock bottom. Before the first night of sleeping at the hostel I called the airline to see if I could get on the flight that I had deliberately missed the day prior. I couldn't.
I made it my goal to at least cash something so that I could get a decent hotel room.
I couldn’t have slept more than 2-3 hours the first night there. One of my roommates was loudly vomiting all night, the sheets itched, and I was going through an existential crisis... like dude, you’ve got a finance degree and you’re really doing this shit?
While on the bus to the strip, I opened Poker Atlas and saw that there was a $200 satellite to win a seat into the $1,600 Venetian main event. I decided that I was going to go take a shot at that.
I was at risk twice in the satellite but after studying the GTO method on how to win coinflips, I persevered and won a seat to the main.
The first day was surreal – once again, I was running on minimal sleep due to my housing arrangements, but I remember the following hands from day 1:
  1. Button opens to 2.2x, I’m in the BB with Q9cc. SB folds, we go HU to a flop of 832c. He c-bets, I call. Turn 4x, x/x. River Ax. I check, he bets, I x/r to like 3x his bet, he insta folds. I take it down and show air.
  2. UTG+1 opens, MP calls, I flat on the button with K10ss. 3 ways to a flop of Qs43xx. UTG+1 bets 40% pot, MP calls, I call. Turn is the Js. UTG+1 bets 60% pot, MP calls, I flat. River comes the 8s. UTG+1 snap bets 80%. MP flats, I flat. I announce king high flush, they both muck.
  3. Folds to the SB, he limps, I look down at Q10o, and check. Flop comes KQ6r. He leads 35%, I call. Turn 10. He bets, I call. River comes a J. He bets, I tank for about 45 seconds then flick in a call, he shows 76o… ship it.
The average stack after day 1 was around 40k, I bagged like 65k. I walked back to the Deuce stop outside of the Venetian and headed on my 30 minute ride back home. I kept thinking to myself, someone’s gotta win this thing, why not me?
I had to get in the money for this tournament to be able to get the fuck out of there. A min cash here was over $3k – that was more than enough for me to get a suite on Fremont for a few nights and party for a bit, then get home with my head held high.
Day 2: I get up at 7am after already being completely awake for the past 4 hours. There’s no way I slept more than 3 hours last night. I hit the Denny’s by the Stratosphere then get on the Deuce.
I get to the Venetian and feel like I’m about to fall asleep. I go to the self-serve coffee/tea dispenser in the middle of the room and make myself an iced coffee. I get to my table, and the cocktail waitress comes around. I ask for another iced coffee and toss her a fiver.
Here are some highlights from the 1st half of day 2:
  1. I open 97ss on the button, BB flats. Flop comes AK3s. BB checks, I bet 35%. He throws out a 5k chip – which I interpret as a x/r to my bet. I groan, make a joke about it being the first hand of the day, and start to muck. The dealer stops my cards midway before hitting the muck, and informs me that he didn’t raise, that he called my flop bet. Everyone laughs, I go silent and wait for him to make change. Turn is the 2s. He thinks for a second and bets 30%. I tank for like 30 seconds, then flat. River is a blank. He thinks for a second, then checks. I bet like 30% pot. He tells me that I’m an angle shooter and mucks. I tell him I’m not an angle shooter and show my 9 high. Everyone laughs, we get on with playing.
  2. CO opens, I 3b 87dd in the SB to 4x, he flats. Flop comes 1032d. I check, he checks. Turn is the 6d. I bet 55% pot, he flats. River comes the Kd. I bet 60%, he tanks, tells me he thinks I backdoored diamonds, then folds. Damn, these players are pretty good.
  3. I open KK UTG to 2.5x, UTG +1 flats. Heads up to a flop of K43r. x/x. Turn 8, I bet 40% pot, he calls. River 3, I bet 80% pot, he tanks, then calls with AK.
I bring my 3 racks of chips to the new table and immediately get some comments – whatever, I’m just on a heater, it happens. At this point, my body was giving out. I was trying my hardest not to fall asleep in between every hand.
Cutoff opens, I’m in the SB, I look down at KK. I put in the 3b, folds back to him. He puts in a healthy 4. We’re the two big stacks at the table – I’d guess he was 50bb effective while I was around 65bb. God damn, am I good enough to fold kings here? No, I’m not. I shove, he snaps, I know that I’ve just fucked up my tournament. He shows the aces. The dealer puts a king in the window, and I hold. I’m for sure the chip leader now.
I lose a few 40/60 and 60/40 flips and chip down a bit. I still have a very healthy stack, probably around 80bb.
The next 3 hands are from the second half of day 2:
  1. Aggro Asian guy on the button. Folds to him, he opens to 2.2x, SB folds, I look down at 43ss and raise to 7.5x, he flats.
Flop comes 894cc. I check, he bets, I call. Turn’s another 9. I check, he bets 75% pot, I call. River’s the 10c. I check, he bets 1.2x pot. I ask the dealer for a count of the bet – meanwhile, villain looks like he’s going to shit himself. I flick in a chip, he throws down KcQx. I laugh a little, show my 43ss, and obnoxiously say ship it.
  1. I open KQo UTG+1, MP 3bets me. I figure that a 4b from UTG+1 could take it down a fair amount of the time, so I decide to go for it. He thinks for a second and flats.
Flop comes AK4r. I check, he checks back. Turn is a 6, goes x/x again. River’s another brick. I put in a 30% value bet. He does a little grimace and tanks for like 20 seconds. It looks like he’s going to fold so I start verbally telling him that his queens are good. The dealer informs me that you’re not allowed to talk about your hand to another player. I inform him that I’m not talking about my hand, I’m talking about villains’ hand. Dealer laughs and lets me continue to antagonize villain. MP starts talking back, asking if I’m really bluffing. I inform him that once he folds, I’ll show the bluff. He ends up calling, I snap show, he pays me then gets up from the table to go for a walk.
  1. We’re playing 6 handed. UTG opens, MP flats, I flat TT on the button. 3 ways to a flop of AT9ccc. UTG bets 50% pot, MP folds, I put in a medium sized raise. He thinks about it and flats.
The turn is the Kd. He pauses for a second then checks. I figured AxKc was his most likely combo. I didn’t think he could fold AxKc to any sizing – I decide to overbet jam 2x pot. He tanks for like 5 min and eventually lets it go. He tells me later he folded AxKc. Nice fold sir.
I finished day two 2nd in chips out of the 64 players remaining. More importantly, I was in the money. My friend Matt offered to give me a ride to the hostel to grab my stuff.
On the way to the hostel I’m telling Matt how trash the place is and he’s kind of like yeah man, whatever, it can’t be that bad. We gather my belongings and head on out. Matt remarked to me that the hostel reminded him of jail mixed with a summer camp.
I open a same night hotel app and see a room at the Four Queens available for $110. The lady at check in was nice enough – however, she informed me that the only room they had available at my price point was a smoking room overlooking the Fremont St. experience. I paid the $20 to upgrade to a non-smoking in the quiet part of the hotel. Vegas man, I swear.
It’s like 2am at this point -- I get to my room, sit on the bed and close my eyes. I open them and it’s 11:00am. Ah fuck man, I gotta get to the Venetian. I hop in the shower, brush my teeth, and freshen up. Even if I don’t have clean clothes, whatever, I’m second in the main, who cares.
Some interesting hands from the first part of Day 3:
  1. I had two inexcusable punts in this tournament. This is the first one: I open 5h5c from LP, BB calls. Flop comes J62hhh. x/x. Turn is a 4x. x, I bet 50% pot, BB jams 15bb. I called – and immediately realized I fucked up, big time. He had 2 big chips in his stack that I didn’t see, making his shove effectively like 25bb. In addition, I didn’t have the 5h, I had the 5d. I really didn’t ask for a count or double check my hole cards. Villain turns over 64o and holds. In my defense, I literally didn’t know what ICM meant at the time. Whoops.
  2. Someone who I recognize from poker TV jams 22bb UTG. I’m in the CO with JJ, I ask him how much it is, he’s talkative and seems genuinely comfortable/down for me to call. I fold – I run into him a few days later at the Aria, he tells me he had AA there. I believe him.
  3. CO opens, button instantly jams 30bb effective. I’m in the SB with TT and 25bb – live reads, we’re flipping. I call for all in my effective stack, CO folds, button has AQ. I hold. He’s not happy I called with tens. Oh well, sorry bro, gg.
  4. MP opens, CO 3 bets to 7bb, button jams 20bb. I look down at 2 black aces in the big blind. I reshove, MP folds, CO calls off his 20bb stack. I’m up against AQ and QQ. I hold.
Even with my atrocious punt earlier in the day, I’m the chip leader again.
We’re down to about 15 left in the field. UTG opens, I 3b AKo on the button, he jams 20bb, I call. He has 99, a king comes on the flop and he’s gone.
It’s day 3 of the main and we’re playing 5 handed with 12 people left. Let’s fucking go.
  1. Button opens to 2.5x, I’m in the BB with A8dd, I flat. Flop comes A104r, I check, he bets, I call. Turn is a 7, x/x. River A, I bet 1.2x pot. He tanks, calls, I show, I’m good.
  2. CO opens to 2.5x, I’m in the BB with 108dd, I flat. Flop comes Kd4x2d, it goes x/x. Turn is a Kx, I check, he bets 60% pot, I flat. River is the 4d. I check, he bets pot. I tank and let it go. He tells me later he checked back a weak king on the flop.
  3. SB completes, I’m in the BB with J9o and I check my option. Flop comes Q108r. The SB donks out into me for 60% pot. I flat. Turn comes a brick and he leads into me for 60% again. I raise to 3.5x his turn bet, he thinks for a while then flats. River is another brick. He bets 80% pot into me. I tank for a while, then shove. He starts laughing and folds QQ face up.
Less than a week ago I was grinding buffet comps at Planet Hollywood. Now I have guys correctly folding top set to me.
I’ve made it to the final table. I pick up a few small pots and the two shortstacks at the table get eliminated in quick succession.
This is without a doubt the most pointless and just plain out stupid punt of my entire life: I open J2dd on the button into a ~18bb SB and a GTO robot with mid 7 figures in career earnings in the BB. Don’t do this, this is quite literally lighting money on fire. SB folds, BB flats. Flop comes Kh8h3d. I cbet, BB calls. Turn is the Kd, goes x/x.
River comes a 7h, he leads into me for half pot. Whatever, I’m going for it – I put in a raise. He thinks for all of 5 seconds then calls me with KQh. Wow, I just punted away $50,000 in ICM. Jesus Christ dude, what the fuck.
For the next orbit or two, I’m clearly pissed at myself. I get up after my button and do a lap around the poker room – I’m good. The monkey tilt is gone, and I’m ready to get back to playing normal ranges.
Anyway, nothing else really happens for a while – I look down at AKo UTG and raise it up. Folds around to the BB, he thinks for a while, then jams for about 20bb. I snap, he has AQo. I hold. I’m now second in chips. We go on a 10-minute break.
When I get back to the table, the prospect of a 5-way chop comes up. We’re all tired – and the pay jumps are very significant. If you couldn’t tell from this story, I’m a degenerate, but in this spot, I’m willing to reduce variance a bit. We run the numbers and come to an agreement – we all agree to take a very slight ICM bump to give 1st place a bit more money than his stack is worth.
I just won $129,000 -- huh? This was my second tournament cash – not too bad considering that it was my third tournament ever. Maybe I should start learning how to play MTT’s now.
I take $124,000 in a check and $5,000 in cash. I’m leaving Vegas in 4 days and don’t plan on coming home with any of the cash.
The winner of the tournament’s a pretty cool guy and he asks if I want to crash in his guest room tonight… like yeah, if that’s a real offer, I’m down. I pick up my toiletry bag from the Venetian concierge and we hit the Uber.
The next morning Matt picks me up at his house – I hit the Chase bank and deposit the $124,000. I take Matt and my other friend, Spencer out to the Sterling Brunch over at Bally’s – the entire time, Spencer just kept repeating “Davis, what the fuck”. I don’t know dude, seriously, what the fuck.
I get a suite at the D downtown that night and (very) long story short I end up hitting $100 on a number at roulette at 5am. It’s time for bed.
Here’s a link to my Hendon Mob, verifying my tournament result. Hopefully I see some of you guys at the WSOP in 2021.
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Panda's Weekend Rundown 1.24-1.26

Be honest now.
Back into it after 36 hours of streaming because who needs sleep, honestly? This past weekend was the culmination of two major 40K seasons: the ITC, and Aussie ITC. I have the pleasure of giving you the results of both here:
Cancon 2020
  1. Christopher Wright – Iron Hands
  2. Leigh Abbey – Iron Hands
  3. Jeremy Merigold – DW/BA
  4. Erik Lathouras – GSC
Las Vegas Open 2020
  1. Richard Siegler – Iron Hands
  2. Brad Chester – Raven Guard
  3. Sean Nayden – Harlies/CWE
  4. John Lennon – Iron Hands
Congrats to Chris Wright for the win in Australia! Also, a huge shoutout to Erik Lathouras, and before you even ask, no I have no idea how he makes that list sing. The truth of it is he can do it, and you cannot.
I was honored this weekend to be invited to cover the LVO as part of the best goddamn stream team to ever be put together. It was my first LVO as well as my first trip to Las Vegas. Vegas itself is meh but the LVO blew my socks off. Held at the Bally’s Casino and Hotel it is the largest tabletop gaming convention I am aware of. 800 nerds from all over the world gathered here just to play in the 40K Champs alone, not to mention the thousands of others playing a variety of different game systems. If you ever get the chance to go, I highly recommend it.
For those not able the LVO was covered in two streams: Warhammer TV who covered the top table over the course of the event, and 40K Stats Centre where we covered the rest. If you can’t watch streams check out the blog posts over on Frontline Gaming to get the round by round recaps as well as analysis of the final game.
I want to thank everyone I got to meet and talk to over the weekend. Old friends and new it was such an amazing experience to be able to share with all of you. Congrats to Brohammer winning best team, John Lennon for his performance and coaching, and Richard Siegler for winning LVO and the ITC! HUGE congratulations for Jeff Poole for breaking Pablo’s curse and piloting Orks into the top 8!
I also want to thank you, dear readers, for coming back week after week to read my coverage and put up with my rants. It’s been a wonderful year of 40K for me and this past weekend has re-lit the spark in me. So, uh…anyone selling Sanguinary Guard? I need more sword bois!
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LVO 2020 Twitch Streams and coverage!!

From Bally's Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas
Welcome ladies and germs to your LVO 2020 40K coverage! I am live on the scene with 40K Stats Centre here to bring you the streams, happenings, and what do's.
First and foremost, the streams:
Warhammer TV
40K Stats Centre - Now live as of 8:15PM EST Friday!!!
40K Stats Centre stream is having technical difficulties so in the mean time check out our FB page!
Frontline Gaming TV - for AoS streaming.
Also be sure to check out the Frontline Gaming website for blog updates on the comings and goings or check back here!
Day 1 - 10AM
Day 2 - 9:30AM
Day 3 - 9AM
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Hello, fellow EVE nerds!
In December 2019, we told you that EVE Vegas 2020 would be going ahead, with a new player committee running the show. Today, we are happy to announce the broad details of Vegas 2020, with a more detailed schedule to come further down the road.
First up, the dates! EVE Vegas 2020 will be taking place across the 23rd and 24th of October. We have a couple of organised events that will be ticketed via Eventbrite, including a Meet ‘n’ Greet on the 23rd, and a Vegas Strip pub crawl on the 24th. There are also some fantastic goodie bag extras included in your ticket price, and further details about the schedule and events will be released when we have finalised everything. In the meantime, you can purchase your tickets at our eventbrite page now, for an Early Bird price of $75!
We have also organised a discount accommodation rate for all EVE Vegas 2020 attendees. This is through Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel, which is a Caesars property. This hotel and casino offers all the usual things you would expect from a Casars hotel, from nice rooms and an on-site bar and restaurant to opportunities for you all to throw the dice. Bally’s is right on the Vegas Strip, so you’ll be right in the thick of it with all your fellow nerds too! Check out all the details on our official event website!
One aspect that always crops up when it comes to player events is that every alliance wants to have their own particular event. We respect this, but at the same time, Vegas is a time to mingle and have fun with those people you didn’t necessarily know before. So, we would like to offer an opportunity to anyone organising an alliance dinner or event - If you wish to open your dinner or event beyond your particular alliance or coalition, we would love for you to reach out on discord to Hyprviper#3885, and we will add the details of your event to our Vegas 2020 website.
So what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket now, and we’ll see you in October!
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The New Age of Arcade Gaming-- 4,000 & 1 #Arcade #Machines!

The New Age of Arcade Gaming-- 4,000 & 1 #Arcade #Machines!
What? All traditional arcade games ever before made from the 70's-- 2,000's in one machine!
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Learn more:
Ok, so if your like me, you matured as a teenager during the 1980's, indicating you were born sometime during the very early to mid-1960's, consequently, you remember the days of going to a neighborhood arcade and playing arcade games like Pacman, Ms. Pacman, Vermin, Asteroids, Area Invaders, Protector and also mor on one solitary arcade game cabinet. However, let us state you were like my kid Jimmy, he was birthed 1982, as a result, he matured playing video arcade games like Double Dragon, Road Fighter, Teen Mutant Ninja Turtles, Temporal Kombat as well as lots of others. Nonetheless, now that we are all well right into our adult years, me someplace in my mid 50's, and also my son a boy 37-years of age, we still think of experiencing again the glory days of the arcade games we played after institution ever before day. Yet, if you take a look around at some regional game room shop that offers these old used timeless arcade games, they set you back around $2,000, right? And, for just one solitary arcade game. Ok visualize this situation.
So currently, you are board to fatality due to the fact that you are informed by the Guv of your state NOT TO LEAVE your home unless you definitely need to. In addition, also after the Covid-19 pandemic has leveled out, or mysteriously vanished, for years, travel and also vacationing will never be the same as it was pre-covid-19 am I right? So currently, maybe you aspire or prefer to construct a man cavern, family members cavern, or as we like to call it at IN THE NEW AGE, a "Staycation," (In the house holiday.) So, currently you start looking around for some arcade games, a pinball machine, an actual however used casino slot machine, as well as even a jukebox. Wow, would not that make an outstanding family-cave in your home? Nonetheless, by the time you build up even 2 or 3 arcade games, allow us state, Ms. Pacman, Donkey Kong, and also Road Competitor, you would be spending at least $5,000 for some rebuilt used arcade games. Nonetheless, regardless of what the local game room individual informs you, or that E-bay site without any means to speak to the vendor by telephone informs you, you are still purchasing as well as arcade game that goes to the very least 20-30 years of ages, am I deal with? As well as, what does that mean? It LEADS TO TROUBLES! PREVIOUSLY!
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Side quest Las Vegas

Hi Guys,
I am heading at Las Vegas for my second time since 2014 with a good friend in May.
We have a side quest that to visit all Casinos we did not visit my last strip.
  1. Plaza (My hotel)
  2. El cortez
  3. The D Las vegas
  4. Golden Nugget
  5. Fremont
  6. Binions
  7. Golden gate
  8. 4 Queens
  9. Casino Royal
  10. Ballys
  11. Harrah
  12. Linq
  13. Wynn
  14. Bellagio
  15. Tresors island
  16. New York New York
  17. Aria
  18. Luxor
  19. MGM Grant
  20. Cosmopolitain
  21. Excalibur
  22. Planet Hollywood

I excluded the Strat the Sahara and Circus circus
Last trip i went

  1. Flamingo
  2. Rio
  3. Mgm Park
  4. Caesar palace
  5. Crownwell
  6. Paris
  7. Venetian

Do i miss / should avoid any ?
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Caesaras Casinos in Nevada closing

Email I received this morning:
Dear Caesars Rewards Member,
For the well-being of our valued guests and team members, all Caesars Entertainment properties in the state of Nevada will be closing temporarily.
Earlier today, the Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak ordered all Nevada casinos to suspend gambling and hotel operations through April 16th, 2020, as a precautionary measure due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes:
Las Vegas: Harrah’s Las Vegas, Rio, Caesars Palace, Bally’s, Flamingo, Linq, Paris, Cromwell, and Planet Hollywood Lake Tahoe: Harrah’s Lake Tahoe, Harveys Lake Tahoe Laughlin: Harrah’s Laughlin Reno: Harrah’s Reno All hotel reservations from Wednesday, March 18 - Thursday, April 16, 2020 will be cancelled. Any prepayments will be refunded within the next few days. Please visit us online at: for more information.
Caesars Entertainment will monitor the evolving situation and work with our local officials on a confirmed reopening date.
Thank you for your continued loyalty and we look forward to serving you in the near future. Our team wishes you stay safe and well during this time.
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Vegas Trip 2/4-2/6 Follow up

Took an early flight into LAS with friends. Was way too early to check into my room. Headed North on the strip from Bally's. Stopped at Margaritaville, tables were extremely crowded, even at about 8:30am. Decided to keep walking. Checked out the Linq and Harrah's. The tables were also pretty crowded, the staff reminded me it was the morning after the Super Bowl, which explains the crowd.

Finally made my way down to Casino Royale. My previous post it was suggested. They had a low limit table at 10$ and the table was just as people had explained to me. An enormous table, clearly seen a lot of mileage. A true testament to the classic game of craps. I bought in 120$, my friend who's never played craps had bought in 100$. I mostly do The John Boender Inside/Out Press/Regress initially using the field as coverage. It's a slow build strategy that I thoroughly enjoy. It feels pretty safe in regards to a low buy in, and I have the option to add odds as I please.
The table was extremely cold when we bought in. Immediately two shooters roll a point, seven out. Finally it's my turn to shoot. I always play with a hardway set, 5's on top with 3 and 4 face. I didn't really think about how much longer the Casino Royale Table was at first. Initially threw a Hard 4. Threw quite a few short rolls realizing that the table was much longer than my local casino. The dealers were nice, and had been dealing there for quite a few years.

At the end of my hot roll, which had to have been at least 20 or so. I had tripled my money. I always take down everything but the pass and add odds when I feel my luck has been pushed. I finally seven'd out and it was my friends turn to roll. He went about 11 rolls, I placed 6/8 and told him I'd cash out after his roll. He also did. I wanted to end on a high note for his introduction to craps.

Showed my friend the White Castle, and the foot long hot dogs at Casino Royale. By the time we got back to Bally's it was well past the Check in time. We had a nap and proceeded to walk the Vegas Strip at night.

We headed down the Strip South this time. Stopped at the Taco Bell Cantina to show my friends they served Alcohol here. It was their first time in Vegas. We proceeded to the NYNY Casino. I didn't like the 15$ tables. I was ahead on the first day, didn't want to immediately lose it. We drank and played slots for awhile, and headed to the Excalibur. Users had told me there was a 5$ table there and it would be a good place for my friends to learn more without risking too much. Table was cold as it could be. Only one winning was the don't player which my friends were curious about.
Bought in 120$, lost 80$ over an hour, decided to colorup and mess around on the Roulette table. I was pretty drunk by this point.

Took my friends to see the inside of the Luxor, then caught a cab back to Bally's.

Got back pretty late in the morning, so we all slept until about 2pm. Headed to Bellagio, wanted to show my friends the amazing Casino floor there. We only played slots there, I had won 80$ in my first couple spins and was ready to go. We then headed to the Bacchanal Buffet. After eating we headed down to Fremont St. I had never been there same as my friends. An absolutely amazing experience. Initially headed to Fremont Casino. Their table was crowded and the placed seemed a bit old. Headed to The D instead. The D was by far my favorite craps table during the whole trip. Dealers were friendly and a huge part of celebrating our wins. They were informative to a family of new players were next to me. They were very friendly with my dice setting. I had a hardways streak in which I was rolling 4's and 10's like no tomorrow. I had yet another hot roll and was enjoying the night, winning big as were my friends. On the third Hard 4 the dealers called the pit boss over. I was initially worried, then he simply told me to "Throw another one" When I did, he cheered with the whole table. It was clear to me that this casino cares more about their patrons fun than scolding a dice setter. The dancers by the tables games were a big hit with my friends. By far my favorite craps table.

Headed back to the Fremont around 1am. Lost 120$ there, the table was cold as all hell. The dealers there were no where near as friendly with my dice setting as The D. While they were friendly with their reminders to really hit the back wall(I was just not hitting the pyramids). I sensed they were getting irritated with me. Which I don't have a problem with, I was also pretty buzzed. Finished my game, tipped the dealers and headed back to the Hotel.

We had a late flight back home, so I figured we'd end where we started, Casino Royale. I bought in 240$, the table was a 5$ min on Wednesday. The dealers and pit boss were rather rude this time around. I had seen 4 people get kicked out off the blackjack table during my game. They were outright ignoring new players next to me asking questions. They were extremely rude to me while setting the dice this time around. A completely different vibe from day 1. Berating me "not to play with the dice" when I was setting them just as I was the previous 4 rolls. I had one roll where I landed an Easy 4. only one of the dice had bounced off the back wall. They reminded me to hit the back wall with both. I tossed out a dollar on each of the hardways, one of my chips had rolled across the table. I was met with a rather uncalled for "Really dude?" followed by a sigh from the dealer to my right. The stickman was the one to retrieve that bet anyways, this dealer clearly just hated his job. So I throw another roll, hard 10. This time I don't give a shit what the Casino has to say. They've showed their clear dislike of me and had no intention to change it. I was constantly apologizing for prop bets I threw rolling elsewhere, and they simply kept berating me and trying to make me feel bad for it. I was called "Unbelievable" when setting down my place bets and accidentally knocking the stack over with my sleeve. Mind you the stack was 10 chips tall and they had not rolled anywhere in this instant. Getting back to my roll, I had had enough of this Casino's staff. I got damn good at throwing hard 4's short during my stay, was certain this casino was gonna kick me off the table if not off the property. I tossed 5$ on hard 4 and a 25$ place bet and went to work. First Hard 4 was short, I told them to press both my 4's. second roll was a 9 which I also had placed, third was a Hard 4 again. In which the pit boss had reminded me to hit the back wall with both of the dice. My forth roll was yet another hard 4 at which the pit boss came to me and stated that both the dice need to hit that back wall, or I am off the table. I politely agreed and followed by taking all my bets down except for the pass with full odds on the 8. I slammed the dice against the back wall and hit the point. When hard 8 rolled, I immediately saw disappointment in the staff. All their heads tilted down and let out a sigh at the fact that a player was winning.
I was thoroughly disgusted with how the staff was that day. Instead of continuing, I asked to color up and pass to the next shooter. I was quite through with the dull attitude of their staff. I came out 338$ and still tipped them 8$. I could not believe how obnoxious they were. Every winning shooter was met with attitude while I was there. I took my money and left. I had told my friends about my experience. They both met me with similar stories about the bartender being rude to them. We headed to the Bellagio Fountains for a show and proceeded to the airport, ending our trip.
This was my first time playing craps in Vegas, I hadn't been here in a few years. Overall a successful trip and an unforgettable experience, especially at Casino Royale. I can't help but be happy I left 300$ up, and that most of the winning were from the Casino that was treating their players like absolute shit.

If you made it through the post, thanks for reading! I just figured I'd post a followup from my initial post asking for casino suggestions. The D by far was the funnest most friendly place to play. Even the players were an absolute joy to be around.
Thanks again! I hope to see some of you at the Craps tables in the future!
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A final response to the "Tell me why Trump is a terrible businessman"

Trump shows he doesn’t know how the economy works by thinking he can fix the debt by just printing more money.

Trump wants to go back to the Gold standard despite warning from economists.

Trump proposes tanking the economy so he could renegotiate the public debt and pay discounted prices to investors of US Treasury bonds.

Trump proposes plan that would shrink the economy by 2% according to experts.

Trumps Trade War with China would increase the price of everyday goods and products up to 40% or more.

Trumps current spending plan would bankrupt the country.

Trumps Tax cuts would add $24.5 trillion to the national debt

Trump wants a $3.2 trillion tax cut for millionaires.

Trump thinks unemployment is really 40% despite the fact that would put the unemployment rate at twice the height it was during the great depression.

Trump lowers his number and thinks unemployment is 20% which is still wrong.

Trump win would tank stock market according to billionaire financial guru.

Trump ranked on the same level as ISIS in terms of causing global economy instability by Economist Intelligence Analysts.

Trumps claim about trade deficit is $200 billion dollars off.

Trump promises to decrease taxes without increasing the national deficit despite the fact that is literally impossible.

Far Right Conservative Think Tanks and Republican professors acknowledge Trumps plan would not only create an economic collapse but a breakdown of basic everyday life.

Trump declares bankruptcy… Four, Six separate times.

Trump $3 billion dollars in debt in 1991.

Trumps Entertainment Resorts are forced to declare bankruptcy. Trump lies and claims “I have nothing to do with the company,”

Trumps Casinos were failures.

Trump refuses to pay back wages to his wife's personal assistant unless he signed a non-disclosure agreement.

Trump accused of illegally withholding checks from employees.

Trump hires illegal workers and pays them below minimum wage.

Trump accused of engaging in incidents of physical assault, verbal abuse, intimidation, and threats of physical harm towards workers to suppress unions.

British Human Rights Journalist says conditions for workers at Trumps Dubai Golf course are “The worst I have ever seen”

Trump tries to start his own Mortgage company right before the housing bubble crash and fails.

Trump tries to start his own airline and in three years never turns a profit.

Trump tries to make his own monopoly ripoff, twice. Predicted 2 million units sold. It gets no where near that and fails.

Trump tries to make his own Vodka line. He promises it will beat Grey Goose and it fails.

Trump tries to make his own steak line. It’s discontinued due to poor sales and he fails.

Trump tries to start his own magazine, it fails.

Trump tries to start his own travel site, it fails.

Trump tries to make a Tour De France rival called Tour de Trump that fails.

Trump tries to make his own football league it fails, he loses $30 million dollars. Then he tries to sue the NFL for $1.7 billion.

Trump starts his own line of vitamins, consumer watchdog groups and health experts label it as a scam. It also fails.

Trump somehow thinks ISIS has become competition against him in the real estate industry after falsely believing they started building their own Hotels.

Hundreds claim Trump refused to pay bills.

When asked about his companies regularly violating the Fair Labor Standards Act Trump says, “That’s the way it should be.”

Trump defrauds students through scam university.

Trump makes racist comments about Judge in the class action lawsuit involving said scam university.

Trump takes a $40 million dollar loan from Deutsche Bank and when they ask him to repay the loan he refuses and sues them for $3 billion dollars.

Trumps daughter recalls story during her childhood when Trump pointed at a homeless man saying he was 4 billion dollars richer than him because, “that’s how much debt I’m in.”

Trump Bribes corrupt government officials to seize elderly woman’s house using eminent domain to get more Limo Parking Space.

Trump tried to use eminent domain to steal the house of a Holocaust survivor.

Trump uses slumlord tactics of hiring thugs to physically intimidate tenants.

Trump retaliates against tenant for filing complaint by drilling holes in her ceiling and filling her apartment with construction dust. (Tenant later dies of lung cancer.)

Trump picked stock fraud felon as senior adviser.

Trump brand used to swindles buyers out of life savings through fraud in failed Condo project.

Trump named in over 3,500 lawsuits.

Trump uses bribery and secret financing to circumvent state law and stop competitors.

Trump is fined 200,000$ in 1992 by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement for not allowing blacks or women onto his casino floor while racist Mafia leader is gambling.

Trump tries to violate Antitrust regulations through purgery and identity theft to steal two separate companies.

Court case implicated Trump in fraud, money-laundering, conspiracy, perjury and the theft of trade secrets.

Trump violates federal gambling laws.

Trump outright commits tax evasion.

Trump commits felony and lies to the Securities and Exchange Commission about company earnings with the hope of cheating taxes.

Trump steals over $300,000 from worker pensions.

Trump hires Illegal Immigrants over U.S citizens.

Trump hires Illegal Immigrants again but this time defrauds them of pay.

Trumps makes majority of products in China.

Not even Trumps Make America Great Again Hats are made in America.

Trump violates immigration laws by sneaking Illegal Immigrants into the U.S for modeling jobs then refuses to pay them.

Trump hires a financial analyst to gauge his Taj Mahal Casino project, the analyst says that the project would fail by the end of that year. Trump sues the analyst demanding he says it will succeed. By the end of the year the Casino declares bankruptcy.

Trump sues small travel agency founded in 1985 for coincidentally sharing his name.

Trump sues small Georgia business for making “Trump Cards” in 1988 despite the fact they weren’t even referencing his name.

Trump sues a small Indian restaurant for sharing the name of one of his Casinos. That restaurants name? “The Taj Mahal”

Trump sues union when they reveal that Trump doesn’t even stay in his own hotels.

Trump tries to sell the Empire State Building despite not owning it. He then sues the real owner in retaliation.

Author Timothy O’Brien calls Trump a millionaire instead of a billionaire. Trump responds by suing him for $5 billion dollars. O’Brien gets to court and is able to prove Trump had been lying about his net worth and was in reality worth between $150 and $250 million.

Comedian, Bill Maher responds to Trumps demands for Obama to release his birth certificate to prove he was born in America saying Trump should release his to prove his mother had not mated with an orangutan. Trump responds by suing Bill Maher for 5 million dollars.

Later when asked if Trump knew Maher was joking and didn’t actually think Trump was the product of bestiality Trumps responds with “I don’t think he was joking. He said it with venom.”
(I just want everyone reading this to take a moment and wonder how people would react if Hillary tried to take away a comedians free speech and make them pay her millions over making a joke about her)

Trump sues employee for quitting.

Trump threatens to sue artist after his supporters find where she lives, stalks and attacks her because she made a painting of him with a small penis.

News outlet threatened with lawsuit over writing story about Trumps hair plugs.

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A final response to the "Tell me why Trump is a Criminal".

Donald Trump committed felony Obstruction of justice by destroying thousands of emails subpoenaed by a federal judge during legal hearings against Trump.

Trump outright committed tax evasion.

Trump committed felony and lied to the Securities and Exchange Commission about company earnings

Trump solicited campaign donations from foreign elected officials in Iceland and Scotland, a violation of FEC guidelines and federal law.

Trump is found to have connections to organized crime.

Trump was fined 200,000$ in 1992 by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement for not allowing blacks or women onto his casino floor while racist Mafia leader and personal friend of Trump was gambling.

Trump stole over $300,000 from worker pensions.

Trump illegally withheld checks from employees.

Trump engaged in incidents of physical assault, verbal abuse, intimidation, and threats of physical harm towards workers to suppress unions.

Trump bribed corrupt government officials to seize elderly woman’s house using eminent domain to get more Limo Parking Space.

Trump uses previously mentioned tactic to steal the house of a Holocaust survivor.

Trump used slumlord tactics of hiring thugs to physically intimidate tenants.

Trump retaliated against tenant for filing complaint by drilling holes in her ceiling and filling her apartment with construction dust. (Tenant later died of lung cancer.)

Trump picked stock fraud felon as senior adviser.

Trump takes a $40 million dollar loan from Deutsche Bank and when they ask him to repay the loan he refuses and sues them for $3 billion dollars.

Trump brand used to swindles buyers out of life savings through fraud in failed Condo project.

Trump tried to violate Antitrust regulations through purgery and identity theft to steal two separate companies.

Trump hires Illegal Immigrants and defrauds them of pay.

Trump violates immigration laws by sneaking Illegal Immigrants into the U.S for modeling jobs then refuses to pay them. (This is a separate incident then the one mentioned above by the way.)

Trump uses bribery and secret financing to circumvent state law and stop competitors.

Court case implicated Trump in fraud, money-laundering, conspiracy, perjury and the theft of trade secrets.

Trump violates federal gambling laws.

Trump is accused of rape by his ex-wife.

Trump is accused of rape or sexual assault by numerous women over several decades. (This includes a case where a 13 year old accuses Trump of raping her while he was at a party hosted by personal friend of Trump and now convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein)

Woman claims Trump tried to rape her her and told her he wanted to, “Make her his sex slave.” Afterwards Trump ruins her and her husband financially.

Multiple women working on Trump campaign file complaints with Civil Rights Commission against Trump for sexual harassment or sexual discrimination.

Pageant Contestants claims Trump sexually assaulted her.

Trump investigated in felony criminal charges for bribery.

North Carolina Authorities considered prosecuting Trump over charges of inciting a riot.

Trump violated civil rights act by refusing to rent homes to black people.

Trump named in over 170 federal lawsuits and criminal court cases.

I'm sure I missed a ton of examples if anyone else has any more for me to add just make a comment about it.
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Going to Vegas in July - I've been doing my research so hope this can help others.

I'm going in July and have done some research.
Plenty of this is from the sidebar, but other notes are from many of other sources.
The Vegas Degenerate Tour ( . ) ( . )
Things to do:
Sex/Swingers Clubs (Or; no, you filthy pervert - what's wrong with you?)
Drive along east CA down US-395 and crossing over to Nevada after Death Valley is one of the greatest drives I have ever done.
Edited to include corrections.
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Route 91- Las Vegas 2017 Nightmare

It's hard to start because it's been a week since it happened and it's been the worst week of our lives. (My wife and I). My wife and I love country music. We reside in Las Vegas so it's pretty easy for us to attend music festivals. I attended lib(life is beautiful) the week prior she did not go all but Sunday. She attended route 91 the following weekend and I didn't go until Sunday. She attended with my brothers girlfriend Friday and Saturday they had a great time both days but my brothers girlfriend had work Monday morning and wanted to sell her ticket. My wife really wanted me to go and I was in an irritated mood because I had lost some NFL bets on Sunday and just wasn't in the mood. She convinced me as I found out one of our best friends was bartending the event and being generous with his pours and the fact that Jason Aldean would be there. I said yes and it was the best decision I made because I can't imagine how worse the situation could be for our families and loved ones. (Which goes with saying how much my heart hurts for the deceased, injured, wounded, mentally injured all across the board.) The night was shaping up to be perfect. We had a great spot starting with Jake Owen which was stage left center which was right in the heart of the crowd that would soon reek terror on all of us. The night continued and it was beautiful. We were singing to Jake Owen we even took a break while dj silver played some great tunes like Don't stop believing and classic country songs from Sam Hunt, Florida Georgia Line, etc. We even all stood together in unity and sang God Bless America. It was beautiful absolutely beautiful. Right after this time we went to get that last drink before Jason Aldean went on to perform. We saw our good friend he said to come back for more rounds but at this time we were already pretty buzzed and it would probably be our last round considering we switched to beers. We were all so excited in the crowd. My wife and I saw him the first year of route 91 in 2014 and had the best time ever. We wanted to relive that moment and we were living up to the hype until we heard those fireworks. And all of us so ignorant in the crowd thought the same thing.... Fireworks Some idiot brought fireworks into a concert and the show continued. But the situation got real when we heard that second round of "fireworks" and then the music cut. Everyone started looking around and before you knew it we saw people taking cover and people screaming in pain/feaanger. What do you do in a large crowd with no place to take cover? You lay on the floor and pray to god it's not bullets. We feel guilty because we laid so low while people were still standing because we didn't know where the bullets were coming from. The reality came to life when we saw innocent people get struck by bullets. It was all so surreal. The sound the most horrifying thing you could ever hear in your life. Crackling, repetitive almost like a lead up to a drop in an edm song or a repetitive drum lead up to a chorus in a rock song. (Sorry I don't know music terms.) My wife and I began running in fear even though I wanted to stay and take cover on the ground. She was the one who yelled and said we need to run now. I was fearful that the shooter was in the crowd and wanted to stay low because there was so much law enforcement there and I knew that they would take down this a**hole fast. It's hard to thank god we ran because so many innocent people got hit that stood and took cover right beside us. I remember at one point seeing this man sitting up against the center sound stage fence holding his stomach with so much blood on his hands and belly area. He was by himself and I wanted to stay but all I could hear was the sound of bullets and my wife screaming my name. I think that's when I went into shock and went by instinct to get out. We began weaving through the crowd and jumped the center sound stage fence all while hearing that awful sound. I thank the man who helped get my wife over the roughly 5 foot barrier. I threw her feet over and he helped her not land on her face on the other side. I did a summersault over the fence and landed very hard on my back. At this point adrenaline kicked in and we immediately got up and continued to run diagonal towards the hooters hotel. At this point most of the stage right side of the crowd was cleared out. The only people that were on that side there were either shot or attending to those who got shot. The people on stage left had to hop that sound barrier or run all the way towards the back in an open field essentially towards the chairs to get out safely. The thing was the sound of bullets would go on for what felt like 20-30 seconds at a time then silence.... then more shots for 20-30 seconds at a time. In each increment of shots we would hit the floor and I would jump on top of my wife and cover her head with my left and mine with my right. (I hate the smell of whiskey). Every time we'd hit the ground we would smell booze and crackle on top of plastic cups and beer cans half filled with drinks. We ran ran ran ran. When we got towards the Tropicana we still had no idea who the shooter was and where he was coming from because the sounds kept going off. At this point we trusted NO ONE because we didn't know if there were multiple shooters or if other casinos were under attack. We decided to run to my place of work which is center strip. I had the keys to my office and I knew that was the safest place considering we had parked at the Mandalay Bay. We ran and ran and I want to apologize to the lady in front of ballys valet because she had asked us where we were coming from and I didn't want to answer because I was so paranoid. She told us that her daughter was at the country festival and she heard there was a shooter. I said there was and we kept running with no additional information. I pray she is okay. We ran to my place of work and immediately started calling friends, family, and of course our good friend who had been serving us all night. He had made it to safety wanted to pick us up as soon as possible. He was picked up by his parents near the airport and then his parents picked us up near Linq lane and flamingo. My wife attended to this girl sitting in the flamingo valet lot. She was by herself and crying hysterically... if you read this I pray you are okay and that you and your family/friends made it to safety. We got in the car and didn't know how to cry didn't know how to react didn't know what to say other than wtf????? And how are we here????. That's been the mindset all week. My wife and I had our anniversary on the 4th (2 years, together for 9) and we tried to go out tried to eat tried to go to a show but everything is so blurry. We work in the hospitality industry we go to work and try to put on a smile for our guests but it's hard to fake it when you've been through this traumatic experience.
I left work twice this week because I would start hysterically crying and would just start thinking about everything that happened. My wife... so strong only left one day this week but took the rest of the week off. I get these triggers that set me off like sounds.... music.... wood pallets dropping on top of each other, the machines cleaning the floor, people screaming in joy or happiness and I love the #VegasStrong movement right now. It's so beautiful and so supportive but I just can't get over the fact that people are carrying on with their lives and enjoying life like nothing happened. I guess the attendees and bystanders are going to experience trauma and never be the same but I mourn so hard for those people who died and were injured and my wife and it's hard to just go back to reality. I tell my staff I was there and explain some details from above and they feel for me but they continue on as if nothing happened. Today I went to work and didn't have to leave early. It was a good day because I didn't have to leave early but I still hid in my office all day and avoided as much human contact as possible. I want to be normal again and I know that will never happen. My wife and I are seeing a counselor who specializes in ptsd but I feel bad for my counselor because she's booked by the hour with Las Vegans who experienced it. I feel bad for so many people like those who were eye witnesses, heard shots, heard screams, saw blood, the nurses and doctors, the people who've read this story. It's freaking scary and real and I'm trying to be strong and go back to work and show my wife my strong side but it's so hard to believe. I grew up here almost my whole life and loved everything about Vegas. I love the hospitality industry I majored in it. I love parties and loud music and drinking and a good time but right now it's hard to find any meaning in all of this. Why would god do this? Who did we survive? Why does life continue as usual? I may not have much more than scrapes and bruises but holy god I'm scarred on the inside. And I don't know when we will get better. I'm sorry for all the victims and so sorry for those who innocently died. It hurts thinking about it and as the clock ticks towards the exact week before it happened it hurts even more. I will be drinking to those who passed last week ALL 58. Good night and please stay safe and love your loved ones. Sending love into the world.
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The Last of Us: Analysis of a Masterpiece

1. This is something I worked on a while ago to gather up and express my thoughts on the ending so I could share with another community revolving around a YouTuber, but I decided to add to it and then publish it here to share with you guys to here your thoughts now there is plenty to discuss with the second game looming.
Disclaimer and Spoiler warning.
2. I would really appreciate it if you read this whole thing and shared your own thoughts in the reply box, but fair warning you should get comfortable if you intend to do so as this will be a very long read. If you have any comments on any of part of this please refer the numbered chapter as that may be easier than trying to quote the passage because this is very long.
3. A second warning for spoilers. Haven’t played the game, I’d advise you not to read on. Most are probably familiar with the story given the game’s age, but I feel it is necessary to say.
Anyway, let’s get started.
The Last Day of Civilization: Introducing Joel, Tommy and Sarah and Game Opening
4. I will do more focused chapters for certain characters and elements within this game, but not on Joel. Whilst writing this I kept referring back and explaining his motives and traits as part of the other analysis of other things. As a result, a chapter on Joel would just be saying stuff I’ve either said already or will say, so decided not to bother. Joel is the protagonist in this game, so it’s not surprising to see his influence in all areas of the game. So, with that out of the way...
5. The game begins near Austin Texas by introducing us to our main protagonist Joel played by Troy “between me and Nolan North we voice just about every video game character” Baker, a single father to a 12 year old girl named Sarah played by Hana Hayes. They appear to have a quirky, comfortable and very close relationship and is made very clear with very natural dialogue and very believable performances.
6. I liked Sarah and Joel as characters immediately because they are very everyday people with normal lives and normal problems. This makes them instantly relatable and easy to connect with without actually telling us that much about them. The game let’s us get even closer to Sarah by having her be the first character we actually control. This is so smart because we then see the ensuing chaos that is the cordycepts outbreak through her eyes, an innocent child.
7. This works especially well as we observe Joel who, despite being the loving father he is, is also something of Darwinist, survival of the fittest survivor. He puts the safety of himself and those he loves over everything. The way he barely hesitates to shoot his neighbour, drives past the family on the side of the road and showing little regard to the panicking mob that obstructs the truck they’re driving to escape are all clear signs of this mentality. These are important details I think because allot of people will say Sarah’s death is what turned Joel into the cold, closed off individual we know him as in the rest of the game. Now, whilst, I do agree that suffering the pain of a loss like that again is something he desperately avoids by not letting himself get close to anyone again, I still see allot of that Joel in him before that loss happened.
8. Joel’s brother Tommy, played by Jeffrey Pierce, is also with them as they try to escape the bedlam. As a character Tommy’s role in the quite limited I feel. He’s important to the story, yes, but I don’t feel the character contributes that much. The one major thing, and it is important and done to great effect, he brings is kind of contradiction to Joel and that aforementioned Darwinist attitude.
9. We do learn the in the early years of the outbreak the brothers engaged in, let’s say, controversial and desperate means to survive. Tommy seems to regret this more than Joel and to quote, “... has nothing but nightmares from them years!”. He also fell out with Joel and joined a group fighting against the government called the Fireflies (analysis on them will come later), eventually married a women named Maria then settled down in a self sustainable town.
10. So his life did take a very different direction to Joel and do think that’s the because, despite what happened to Sarah, he was able to maintain a sense of longing for community and caring about the bigger picture. He is less self centred than Joel, but every bit as determined. It’s almost like Tommy represents what Joel could have been if he hadn’t lost Sarah. So like I said, not that much of a character, but what development he does serves an important purpose.
Right, now let’s address THAT scene...
Sarah’s Death
11. With Tommy buying Joel time to carry an injured Sarah to safety, they’re saved from a group of perusing infected buy a soldier. The soldier is never named, but for shits and giggles I’m gonna call him Nibley. As a very thankful Joel pleads with Nibley for help, Nibley demands he stays put then confers with his CO over his radio. It is clear that the CO has ordered Nibley to shoot Joel and Sarah, obviously not taking chances when controlling the spread of the infection. Joel and Sarah are both knocked down, but the Nibley sees Joel is unhurt. It does have to be said, how in the name of cockeyed God did not one bullet him? Anyway, as Nibley is about to finish the job on Joel, Tommy shoots and kills him (RIP Nibley). The brother’s relief is short lived though as they quickly realise that Sarah has shot. Joel tries his best to save, but it is of course to know avail and Sarah dies in Joel’s arms. A distraught Joel continues to cradle Sarah in his arms and then that’s the end of the intro.
12. This scene has become iconic. One of the most hard hitting, emotionally intense scenes not just in gaming, but within this genre of media entertainment in general. We all got hit hard by this moment and there’s no debating how well it worked, what I’m going to give my own reason why I think it works so well.
13. Obviously the performances, the music and direction were all big factors and I take nothing away from them, but there’s a couple of things that I feel set it apart.
First is what I like to call the “Hope? Nope!” pacing of the events, it really toys with your hopes for the best throughout the entire scene.
Nibley saves them from the infected, hope?
Nibley threatens them with the gun, nope!
Nibley makes a radio call to people that can maybe help, hope?
Nibley get an order to shoot instead, nope!
Nibley seems reluctant to shoot, hope?
Nibley is clearly going to shoot anyway, nope!
Despite the gunfire Joel is still alive and well, hope?
Nibley stands over him to finish him point blank, nope!
Tommy shoots Nibley and saves Joel, hope?
They realise Sarah has been shot in the gut, nope!
She is still alive and Joel is providing first aid, hope?
But then she dies, oh, fuck you guys!
14. Allot of dramatic death scenes follow a very constant, usually very mellow tone, but this is nothing like that. Here comes some sacrilege, it actually feels like an action scene, it’s chaotic and unpredictable. With hope and positive expectations offered to only be taken away makes the ultimate bad end all the more tragic. A very different, but very effective way to present a scene like this.
15. The second thing that sets this apart is that they had the courage to make Sarah’s last moments very undignified, something that is usually a big no no, especially when the death involves a child. I think this is best shown with a example. Compare these two child death scenes, one from the Star Trek Voyager episode Real Life and other Sarah’s death.
16. Belle’s Death from Star Trek Voyager BTW, big shout out to my brother for his help with this. There was no decent clip of this scene that I could find, so with his help I had to upload this myself.
Sarah’s Death from The Last of Us
17. The scene from Voyager is actually very good, I especially like how the Doctor had the courage to tell the truth in very straight yet kind way. The problem with it when compared to Sarah’s death is that it turns what would be probably the most traumatic nightmare any parent would go through into a fantasy. As a parent I can tell if life decided it needed to be cruel enough to take my son from me, I would love for it to be like that. No pain, some nice last words, all the family around and just falls asleep as the last act. All very dignified and still moving and emotional, but is it really that dramatic?
18. Sarah’s death is a very different story. Laying in the cold dirt, already suffering from a broken leg, she’s been shot in the gut which could be the most painful place to get shot, her face is twisted with agony and fear and she’s crying to hard to say anything. For Joel this the nightmare it’s supposed to be.
19. That’s the combination of reasons why this scene works so well as far as I’m concerned, but of course, if you want to expand on this or indeed explain why you disagree please do so in the reply box.
Ellie and The Journey.
20. I do want to keep this from turning into a copy of War and Piece, so my analysis is just going to focus on the main plot synapses, namely Ellie and Joel’s relationship and how it grows throughout their journey as well my thoughts on the ending.
21. To start, we cut forward twenty years and Joel is now living a quarantine zone within what’s left of Boston. Limited food rationing, compulsory job assignments, an ongoing conflict between government forces and the Fireflies and brutal martial law makes life hard here.
22. It’s this totalitarian control that the Fireflies are fighting against. The game tries hard to make sympathise with the Fireflies by showing how brutal the military can be, hinting that they hoard food from the residents and hinting that people are executed just for mere alleged association with the Fireflies. I personally don’t just automatically sympathise with them because inciting political unrest, even if provoked, is not what the world needs at a time like this. According to the summery during the opening credits, their demands are for the “return of all branches of government”, so this a grab for power. Yes, they want to protect people from cordycepts outbreak and the other dangers of this world, but the same is also true of the government they just going about it in a brutal, but arguably necessary way. There’s more I can say on them, but I’ll save that until my look at ending.
23. Joel and a friend named Tess, played by Annie Wersching, peruse a man armed Robert who appears to be some sort of underground smuggler. Joel and Tess purchased guns from Robert that he never delivered. What did Joel and Tess need a bulk of guns for? I don’t know, it’s never explained. Do they have thier own militia, or are trying to form one, are they seeking to overthrow the QZ forces, are they looking to sell guns on, who knows. Anyway, Robert gave the guns to the Fireflies to pay back a dept. He also tried to kill Tess fearing the inevitable wrath that, of course, does catch up with him. After negotiating with the leader of the Fireflies Marlene, played by Merle Dandridge, they agree to smuggle a fourteen year old girl named Ellie, played buy Ashley Johnson, out of the Boston QZ to get the guns plus more back.
At this point I need to halt proceedings and discuss Ellie as a character.
Ellie: The NPC Redefined
24. The amount of praise, appreciation and love this character has received is mind blowing, and for good reasons. Much of I’m going to dig into has been said before, but I’m just using my own views as to why this character works, the impact she’s had and why I love this character.
  1. The first impression that, quite frankly, anyone would have of Ellie wouldn’t be that warm. She’s foul mouthed, bratty and aggressive, but she’s definitely a product of not only the world she was forced to grow up in, but her own circumstances as well. Her mother died not long after she was born and with the father nowhere to be seen, this harsh world was her parent. That is where her quick to defend by attack attitude I feel is born from.
26 She’s also smart, strong, compassionate, funny, independent and has the needs of others at the forefront of her logic, something that’s rare for people who grow up in our society, never mind the world in this game. She is made up of a mixture of things we’d want to be and things we wish to never have to be so is a very admirable and relatable character overall.
  1. It would take a kind of strength beyond most of us to have that level of care and compassion for others growing up in this world, a fact kind of proven by Joel who is more of a self centred survivor. What I find interesting and important about that is what do these two people learn from each other? How do they grow and change? Well, this time there is no long analysis because it it’s very simple. Ellie learns how to survive and Joel re-learns how to feel and love again.
28. Ellie knew combat and survival at least to some extent already, she was in a military school. So, whilst I don’t doubt she learned allot about those things from Joel, what she learned from the journey and Joel himself was more about those things as a purpose rather than a necessity. That’s the big difference between Joel, along with the Fireflies, and the military/government in this world.
29. I love Ellie. You can’t help but care about her. Joel too. You want to be proud of him and what he accomplishes and becomes by the end of the game. The story as a whole is actually allot like Sarah’s death in the chaotic “Hope? Nope!” kind of way. Just as our heroes are about make real progress or have something to be happy about, it all blows up their face and things end up, if anything, worse than before. This does give real purpose to Joel's more cold, closed of mentality and this is something, like it or not, you need to survive in this easier to connect with then perhaps it should be.
30. What these two characters taught you as the player is yours and yours alone and it’s your right to hold it precious. For me, it taught me the virtue in selfishness. It is right to be that little bit stubborn and self centred when you truly believe that it’s better for all or to protect what you care about. Allot of that is covered buy my thoughts on the ending, but we’re getting there.
31 Before moving on, there is one last thing about Ellie to address. Now, I want to make it perfectly clear that the only reason I bring this up is to discuss how well this was handled. For me, this is not worthwhile of analysis at all and has no bearing on how I feel about the character. This will not to be true of everyone, especially those in the LGBTQ+ community, who showered this with praise. You may have guessed that I’m talking about Ellie’s sexuality.
32. Believe it or not, there are still people who testify Ellie isn’t gay and/or have a problem with that. Whilst I doubt anyone reading this in this community feels that way, this whole analysis wouldn’t feel complete without looking into it. However, people who doubt or protest Ellie’s sexuality I don’t feel are worth my time. There’s another problem in that I’m a straight male, so why would you take my opinion seriously anyway? So instead of trashing the idea the Ellie is straight with my words, I’ll just post a vid form a youtuber named Kathleenmms, who demolishes that delusion far better that I could, not just because she is a gay woman but because she is as smart as they get as well.
33. SIDE NOTE: A fun fact. At momocon 2014, Ashley Johnson described how watching a certain let’s play of TLOU Left Behind DLC, to quote, “broke” her after watching this let player’s reaction to this lesbian romance, and it was Kathleenmms and her let’s play that prompted it. If you wanna see, check this vid and skip to 24:20 to see it.)
34. Another really weird coincidence goes to this game’s link with actress Ellen Paige. When the game first launched allot of people mistakenly thought Ellen was the actress playing Ellie (the similar name or the similar looks, whatever) , which of course she wasn’t. This, so I’m told, pissed Ellen off as she was starring in and promoting another PlayStation exclusive game (Beyond Two Souls) to come out later that same year. Then, on February 14th 2014 (yes, Valentine’s Day, feel free to make you own joke), during a speech at Time to Thrive, a conference to promote the welfare of LGBT youth held at Bally's Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Ellen Paige publicly came out as gay for the first time, the same day The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC launched. That means Ellen Paige came out on effectively the day as Ellie did. I mean wow, I’m saddened that I lack the talent to make this up!
35. Back to it. I love the way this is handled because it’s not really treated like anything important. Back in the 90’s and into the 2000’s, gay people were being written in more commonly that ever before in films and TV, but not very well. They were proud, don’t get me wrong, but that was PC enough at the time to Just include them. The thing is they we’re to proud. They weren’t shy or ashamed, in fact the exact opposite of that. They were so proud of it that every relationship (romantic or otherwise), action, feeling, emotion and even dress sense had to revolve around that and they that had to announce all of their obnoxiously gay everywhere they went. This was not only wrong in terms of reinforcing gay stereotypes, but also turned gay into a character rather than an aspect of a character.
36 Being gay doesn’t define a gay character, the character defines a gay character, and that’s something that I feel the creators of The Last of Us understand. You could ask the most irrational, raging homophobe how being gay changed Ellie’s character from the one they adored and the would not come up with an honest answer that makes any sense at all. That’s why Ellie’s sexuality wasn’t addressed in the main game because it wasn’t necessary to do so. That was about the relationship between her and Joel, so it’s not relevant.
37. I will admit Ellie (and Riley, for that matter) being gay didn’t feel strictly necessary, but it didn’t take anything away either. This was not pandering to SJW’s demanding inclusion just because. The whole thing was written and handled to well for it to be that. I was as surprised as anyone, but it didn’t hurt me nor anyone else whilst at the same time meaning allot to the LGBTQ+ community, so I’m glad they did it.
The Ending
38. After spending most of the last year travelling with Ellie in search of the Fireflies, Joel makes it to there research base on the Cordyceps pandemic (In case you weren't aware, that actually exists). Once there, Joel is informed that in order to obtain the samples needed to reverse engineer a vaccine, Ellie has to die. Joel is, of course, furious and is unwilling to accept this. This is understandable from Joel given how close he has got to Ellie throughout this journey.
39. At first, Ellie was just a task, even a burden to Joel but the eye opening experiences of “Fall” when he learned just how much Ellie now cared for and looked up to him as quite likely her first real father figure along with the intense and dangerous experiences of “Winter” brought Joel face to face with the possibility of loosing another person he loved and card for. Both of these things he has avoid sine the start of the Cordyceps outbreak and loosing Sarah 20 years previously.
40. Allot of people look at Joel's behaviour when Marlene told him as very “of the moment” and spurred by a rush of desperate emotion, but I think that's incorrect. Neither Joel nor Ellie are that ignorant. In the 9 months or so they were travelling together the possibility that Ellie would have to suffer or even die to get the cure would have crossed there minds. Then in the scene just after the Giraffes, that same fear that awoke him to how he feels about Ellie in Winter and engaged him to talk and deal with Ellie as the father they both now felt he was hit him again. He turned to her and said, “We don't have to do this... let's just go back to Tommy’s, forget this ever happened...”. Now, next is what could be one of the most important, yet under-discussed lines in the entire game. Ellie responds, “After everything we've through. Everything that I've done. It can't be for nothing.”. It's only for moment and it's subtle, but Joel hangs his head and sighs. That's the moment he realised that if it came to that, she would to willing to sacrifice herself. Ellie was also very distant and distracted throughout large parts of this section which tells me that this was on her mind to. I'm not saying she wasn't scared of dying and she certainly didn't want to, but willing to die to better others if that's what it took.
41. This is the biggest difference between Joel and Ellie as Characters for me. Even from the start when Joel told Tommy to drive past the family on the side of the road, it's clear he is something of a Darwinist, survival of the fittest, do what it takes kind of man. Putting himself and those he cares about more than others. His past in that 20 year gap is also, let's say, controversial. While doing what it takes to survive, he's not only seen some of the worst of humanity, but been some of the worst of humanity, so probably has had his value for humanity compared to Ellie devalued even more, which makes it less likely for him to let that surgery go ahead as well. Ellie is the kind of person who, whilst not necessarily willing to make a sacrifice selflessly, is for more willing to look at the bigger picture. She finds the loss of someone close just as painful, but is more warded to it in her young life than Joel, and it was never the loss of child. So by growing up this world, that’s life in this world and thus she’s grown up to more used to this than Joel.
  1. That is why Joel lied to her. And it was selfish lie. He didn't do it to protect her, he was protecting himself from the consequences of taking that choice away from her. I saw a let's play (the channel is called Miskat Squad) where this girl was pissed off the Fireflies were robbing her of the choice, and I completely agree, but the moment that Joel lied to Ellie, he became guilty of the same thing. That's also why he killed Marlene because she was a loose end and link to the truth that he couldn't afford to leave alive. It also destroyed the possibility of the Fireflies coming after her as Joel said, yes, but with the damage he did he didn't need to lie to her to protect her from them. With both the surgeon and Marlene dead, it would be almost impossible for the Fireflies to set this back up and track them down, meaning they're not much of a threat unless hell bent on revenge, and I don't think they would be, they have bigger problems.
43. I'm not in support of the Fireflies though, despite what I just said. From a practical level, I think them curing humanity just like that is way to simple, that's not how it would have worked. In the news reports heard in the opening credits, we heard the Fireflies “public charter called for the return of all branches of government”, so when you consider how difficult logistics, manufacture and communication in this new world be not to mention the hostile political situation the Fireflies are in, this cure would be used as a political tool. Even if the Fireflies have the best intentions, I just don't see how this would work. The game doesn't ponder on these details because Joel couldn't care less about them, so I'm not going to dwell on the to long, but I think it's still worth a thought.
44. Right at the end, a couple of important things happened. Ellie lists the people she has lost and says “I'm still waiting for my turn” confirming to Joel she accepts her mortality. Joel attempts to comfort her by telling her that survival, whilst a struggle, is one that can be endured by keeping finding to fight for, worth living for. At this point, Ellie interrupts him and makes him swear he was telling the truth about the Fireflies. He swears it's true. Then there's this contemplating look on her face then finally says “OK”. I don't think this was her believing the lie, more accepting the lie. I think that on some level she knew he was lying, but by asking him to swear the that he wasn't she could see how much wanted this new life for them and how he really cared for her. She's not willing to give that up, not now, so she doesn't bite the feeding hand, lets any anger she felt about it go and is now prepared for a new life.
45. Whilst I do see the wrong in what Joel did, I can also understand it and sympathise, but that's not really the point. The game doesn't spell out whether he's right or wrong, it's just expressing how he feels. This isn't an RPG or a choice based narrative like a Telltale game or Life is Strange. I’ve see allot if people complain that Joel's actions at the end should have been a player choice, but they'd be wrong because it's not that kind of game and I believe it wouldn't have had the same impact. It’s fine to not agree or sympathise with Joel or Ellie at points as your observing the story and progressing through it and it’s very difficult to provoke emotional conflict within the player when they have too much control over the actions, and that’s why this works.
46. This was supposed to be a story and character analysis for the most part, but it wouldn’t be right to not talk about this at least a little. A good thing as well because honestly, there isn’t a whole lot to say. It’s not a particularly unique or complicated game in terms of gameplay mechanic, it just does what it does well with high production value.
47. At it’s core, The Last of Us is a linear third person shooter with a strong emphasis on stealth and some light survival and exploration elements. All these elements are we balanced with each other buy giving the player enough choice in each section to reach their goal in number of ways depending of circumstance and play style.
48. The shooting mechanics are easy to use, weighty and with a unique, indigenous feel for each weapon. Melee combat is simplistic, but satisfying and includes a breakable weapons that aren’t annoying because they’re an enhancement to the hand to hand rather that something you rely on for the whole game (Yeah, looking at YOU Zelda: Breath of the Wild!).
49. Stealth feels dynamic because of the various ways the enemies in the game react, especially the infected runners and clickers. Runners can see and the can move fast, but take less damage than clickers and can be taken out with your fists. Clickers “see” using sound and if alerted, it’s a one hit kill if they get to you, so use stealth tactics whenever possible. Allot the boaters you engage as bosses. They take a beating, attack at range and deadly up close. Avoid them if you can, but big weapons, molotov cocktails and nail bombs will get the job done.
50. The human enemies are OK to fight with, but are only varied by the weapons they carry and certain very enjoyable set prices the game has to offer and, at times, armour, but the level layout helps make engagements enjoyable enough. The AI is not that sophisticated, but it’s adequate and does offer enough sentient behaviour, opposing tactics and challenge to suit in this game. These sections I’d say weren’t quite as much fun as battling infected, but still very good.
51. Resource management and exploration are critical as you use supply’s, scrap and what I think is medicine you find in the world for crafting items and upgrading weapons and skills. Again, it’s pretty light mechanics, but smart as crafting items use common ingredients and you only find so much medicine and scrap, so your choices really matter in the crafting. There’s also a limit to the ammo capacity, so you need to use your weapons wisely as well.
52. Allot of these games that focus mostly on single player have tacked on multiplayer modes that feel half assed and just not worth it (Dragonage Inquisition multiplayer anyone? What, wanna do something more fun like carve yourself a new, wider path for your bladder to empty? Can’t say I blame you.). The Last of Us actually had a fun and fresh idea that involved linking your Facebook account to import “survivors” from your real life friends list if you wanted the allying yourself to either bandits or the Fireflies to then go out and compete against other players for your clans survival. The crafting, focused hearing mechanics and of course combat were taken from the main game and implemented well in a very tactically focused team deathmatch. Yeas, it wasn’t as extensive as other more multiplayer-centric games, but for a side dish it was a very welcome and surprisingly substantial part of the meal.
53. As gamers, or even just as people, we love to root for the underdog. We want our David’s to succeed over our Goliaths. Whilst The Last of Us is undeniably a Goliath rather than a David being published by Sony and developed by the already very much accomplished Naughty Dog it still managed to gather allot of that same sort of support from people as if it were a David. I believe this is because the creative vision, the writing, the story and characters are always the more humble elements of even the biggest, blockbusting projects in entertainment media and it’s these elements that The Last of Us does well. That’s why the game has got the acclaim that it has, the heart of a David in the body of a Goliath. Being in the body of a Goliath didn’t exactly hurt the game either. Having the big budget resources with some best talent money can buy to make this game was critical to bring this vision to life. To make this happen, every role from the most humble and basic to the most complex and innovative had to work together.
54. To me, this was an engrossing, memorable event in the history of gaming and important one to show the world that this type of entertainment needs to be taken seriously and respected. There are still to many people that see gaming as a low brow waste of time, not something suitable for respectable society. Whether that was ever true is open to debate, but it certainly isn’t the case now and The Last of Us dealt a bigger blow to that delusion than any game I recall. Naughty Dog didn’t ask to be that to us, they just wanted to make a great game, but they did embrace that responsibility and handled it so.
55. This has meant so much to so many and I for one, learned how important it is to embrace hope even when life is at it’s worst and life is only worth who you choose to share it with. We live in vain, materialistic world and ironically it’s a video game, a impractical indulgence that can only find a home in that world is what helped me see more clearly what is truly valuable. The Last of Us may have impacted you in a different way or even not at all, but whatever the case that experience belongs to you, so treasure it.
56. If you made it all the way through this then you have my thanks. Other than that, there isn’t much left to say apart from GIVE US A RELEASE DATE FOR THE LAST OF US PART 2 GODDAMMIT!
Please share your own thoughts, feelings and experience of The Last of Us in the responses.
With humble sincerity
Ryan “Shagger” Drummond.
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Bally's Hotel Las Vegas (Jubilee King Room)

Hotel details: Bally's Las Vegas (formerly MGM Grand Hotel and Casino) is a hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. It is owned and oper... Walkthrough Casino Floor, Ballys Hotel Casino Las Vegas.Hep Cats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecomm... This is video of a standard room (with strip view upgrade) at Bally's Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas. Loved the room, big and clean. It had a mini safe and refrigerator. 2018. Room 1297 Staycation Date: January 18, 2018 Walk with us and explore Ballys Hotel & Casino located in Las Vegas. We also took a stroll in the Grand Bazaar Shops and ate at Wahlburgers.Camera link - h... Ballys Las Vegas Jubilee Tower King Strip View Room - Duration: 3:15. Jimmy's Adventures 1,118 views. 3:15. Bally's Las Vegas Hotel and Casino 2018 - Hotel Tour - Duration: 11:53. ...